Variety Hot Chocolate

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Variety Hot Chocolate

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15 gr protein per drink. | Each box contains 7 Meals powder drink packages.

CWI powdered High Protein Creamy Hot Chocolate Variety Drinks- Considering how fast and easy it is to just ‘stir up’ a high-protein drink, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

High protein sources are well known to both depress appetite, and also do it for an extended period of time.  Often, however, the bad news can be that high protein without high fat can taste pretty bad...

Not so with our powdered high-protein Creamy Hot Chocolate Drink mix.

With a delicious chocolate flavor, you not only get great taste, but also the appetite suppression of high-quality protein (from the more expensive whey protein source, not soy).  We’ve also added something unpronounceable called fructooligosaccharide (you can see why most people just call it FOS!).  This is a really cool, sugar-like compound that the important, ‘good guy’ bacteria in our gut can use for food, but humans cannot use for calories!

Oh, yes, and you can forget about those ‘bad guy’ trans fats: these drinks have no fat at all!

Plus, while you’re getting zero calories from fat, you’re also getting none - zero - from sugar.  However, you do get two grams of fiber in every package, which help add bulk in the gut, while simultaneously remaining there are no calories there, either!



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