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What is Ondamed?
Ondamed is a machine that provides sound frequencies along with weak pulsed electro-magnetic frequencies to balance and support the various functions of the body. Relaxation, muscle re-education, rehabilitation and a state of general wellness is produced as a result.

“Ondamed”, a Latin word meaning medical frequency waves, was invented by a German physicist, Rolfe Binder, in the 1990’s, who combined the electro-magnetic discoveries of Dr. Voll in the 1950’s, Royal Rife treatment of parasites in the 1930’s, Dr. Paul Nogier’s pulse theory of the 1970’s and those of ancient Chinese Medicine. Ondamed has 20+ years of research behind it in Germany. This innovative and effective medical system has been in the U.S. for approximately 7-8 years. More studies are being performed currently in the U.S. to establish Ondamed as an effective treatment for chronic pain, mood disorders, stroke victims, and many other conditions.

What is Ondamed?What is Ondamed?

Ondamed is based on Chinese medical theory of meridians (highways of energy), which run through various organs and when blocked in certain areas can cause dysfunction, pain, inflammation and disease. Ondamed uses pulsed sound and electro-magnetic frequency waves to balance, harmonize and unblock meridians within the body. By unblocking certain pathways and providing Rife concepts of microbial frequency elimination, the body’s innate ability to fight microbes and infections, balance hormone function, detoxify, and to reduce inflammation and pain is heightened and supported.

Conditions in the body that were once “stuck” or stagnant become activated as a result. Because Ondamed provides pulsed-frequencies, which may correlate to the frequencies of various microbes and toxins, the body has a chance to produce counter pulses in between the Ondamed pulses, thereby, accelerating and supporting functions of the immune, detoxing, hormonal, musculoskeletal, cognitive and non-cognitive systems and assisting the body in clearing the matrix.

What is Matrix?

The matrix is the area between the cells where majority of the communication between the cells occurs. Toxins, infections, and inter-cellular miscommunication often occur in the matrix leading to chronic disease and inflammation. Current medical research has begun to focus more studies on the matrix in order to understand its vital role in the disease process. The pulsed-frequency used by the Ondamed help support the matrix function of inter-cellular communication and detoxification to achieve homeostasis.

How are Frequencies identified?

To identify which pulsed-frequency should be used, a variation of Nogier’s pulse technique, which incorporates signals from the autonomic nervous system, is used. The patient’s pulse is monitored for slight changes in rhythm and quality when the Ondamed frequencies are brought into the patient’s electromagnetic field. If there is a positive Nogier pulse reaction, it indicates that that particular frequency is needed to re-establish homeostasis in the body.

Who can be treated with OnDamed?

All ages from infants to adults can be treated with Ondamed. Those with pace-makers should not be treated.

Is the OnDamed Safe and are there any side effect?

Ondamed is safe and there are no side effects per se. A detox reaction or Herxheimer reaction may occur as a result of detoxification. The Herxheimer reaction can produce nausea, fatigue, occasional vomiting or diarrhea, or headache. These temporary symptoms are the body’s response to clearing out toxins through the blood into the lymphatic system and through the excretory organs. The most common Herxheimer reaction after the first or second treatment is temporary fatigue which usually resolves by the next day.

What Medical conditions can benefit from the OnDamed?

Almost anyone with any type of condition, mild or severe, can benefit from Ondamed. Ondamed is an excellent addition to any type of medical or naturopathic treatment plan.

Ondamed is used to assist the body in balancing hormones, fighting infections, improving mood, and reducing inflammation and pain. Ondamed is also more recently being recognized as an anti-aging tool.

Numerous types of mild to severe medical conditions can be supported and aided with the use of Ondamed as a supportive therapy. Patients on chemotherapy or radiation, for instance, who have Ondamed treatments, often experience a significant decrease in side-effects, thus finding their quality of life much improved.

Stroke patients tend to recover quicker when using Ondamed. Skin conditions, such as eczema and allergies can also improve. Chronic back pain and joint pain, those suffering from headaches, mood disorders, hormonal and digestive conditions, as well as neurological and circulatory disorders can significantly benefit from Ondamed. Ondamed is most effective when prescribed appropriately by your physician. Please contact one of our physicians to find out whether Ondamed is the appropriate treatment for you.