Medically-Supervised Weight Loss

Calorie restriction utilizing natural appetite-suppressing injections, which remove stubborn visceral fat and improve chronic health conditions.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Effective for both males and females, the hCG diet protocol works by telling the hypothalamus to release stored body fat. A small amount of hCG hormone, while on protocol, can cause stored body fat to be released through the kidneys. The calories you eat on the hCG diet protocol are low, typically 500 calories a day to prevent fat cells from storing new fat, and the new fat from being stored in the adipose tissues. The hCG diet protocol can reset your metabolism and protects your essential fat (fat between your organs and needed body fat) and muscle tissue while restricting caloric intake.

The hCG diet is a medically supervised weight loss program that uses a hormone known as hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to assist with the dieting process. HCG is a hormone produced naturally by the placenta during pregnancy. hCG has been used since the 1940s to help stimulate weight loss. The hCG diet protocol was developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Since then, many physicians around the world have prescribed a weight loss program using hCG for their patients. It is safe and effective when medically supervised and has minimal, if any, side effects. hCG is reputed to facilitate weight loss by suppressing the appetite, and eliminates cravings for sweets, increases metabolism, increases libido, and prevents the body from burning lean muscle as fuel. It is believed that hCG targets a type of fat that is not effectively eliminated through conventional weight loss programs.

Transform 30

A comprehensive diet and exercise program that focuses on creating positive habits and the more you reduce negative ones, the more complete your transformation will be. The most important aspect of this program is taking your Juice Plus+® products (which research shows support positive changes), eliminating wheat (gluten), and dairy products for 30 days.