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Dr. Eugene C. Rajaratnam ‘Dr. Raj’, has founded California Wellness Institute  to offer a range of services from Medicine, Treatments and Weight Loss, to Toxin Reduction and Therapy.
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Integrative and Functional Medicine


Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (Abbreviation: PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. As a concentrated source  of autologous platelets, PRP contains several different growth factors and other cytokines that can stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue.


Stem Cell Therapy

Stem-cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition.



Childbirth and the natural aging process cause changes which may affect feminine wellness. A particularly strenuous vaginal childbirth, multiple births, and the effects of menopause can cause physical changes which can rob women (and their partners) of their sense of well-being and happiness. Tissue tightening, or noninvasive skin tightening, is a popular concept in 2010 as more devices have entered the market.


ThermiSmooth® Face is performed using a specially designed thermistor-regulated hand piece.  As the hand piece gently heats the skin’s surface using dermal heating, it targets problem areas around the eyes, mouth, cheeks and neck.


Libido & Sexual Enhancement


Fertility & Reproductive Health




The brilliance lays in the personalization of treatment unique to each living being with the help of a Biofeedback method. This non-invasive therapeutic approach helps patients improve their stress tolerance. Stress is linked to most common disease. It is therefore critical to offer our patients relaxation training and improvement of attentiveness to their bodies, and their state of emotion.

Bio Identical Hormone Treatment

Dr. Rajaratnam, agrees Hormone Replacement Therapy is a way to help men and women feel their best, Bio Identical Hormones are a great new way to treat “low sex drive, fatigue, andropause, menopause, hair loss, weight loss, stamina, and more” you will be amazed at how your well being can change. and the way in which small changes can make a big difference in how we all feel.


HCG Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Effective for both males and females, the hCG diet protocol works by telling the hypothalamus to release stored body fat. A small amount of hCG hormone, while on protocol, can cause stored body fat to be released through the kidneys. The calories you eat on the hCG diet protocol are low, typically 500 calories a day to prevent fat cells from storing new fat, and the new fat from being stored in the adipose tissues. The hCG diet protocol can reset your metabolism and protects your essential fat (fat between your organs and needed body fat) and muscle tissue while restricting caloric intake.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic irrigation using colon hydrotherapy involves the safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon via the rectum. No chemicals or drugs are involved and the entire therapy is both relaxing and effective.The colon has been referred to as “the sewer system of the body.” Your colon, or large intestine, is one part of your digestive system. From your mouth to your anus, you have one long hollow tube that takes in food, digests it and eliminates it.


IV Drip Therapy

Chelation (pronounced key-LAY-shun) therapy is treatment used in conventional medicine for removing heavy metals (including mercury) from the blood. It involves intravenous injections of a chelating agent, EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), a synthetic amino acid. EDTA binds to heavy metals and minerals in the blood so that they can be excreted in the urine.


Nutritional Therapy

At a time in history when looking and feeling young are important to most of us, there are a couple of very important things to understand and realize: Looking and feeling young doesn’t come from pharmaceuticals or from toxic chemicals, but rather from within as a result of good nutrition consisting of whole foods. 

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